Automated trading systems

What is an automated trading system? ATS - a program written in a specialized programming language MQL4, designed to automate the trading process. Such systems are also referred to as advisors. The ratio of councilors formed a rather ambiguous. Some argue that manual trading more efficient, and counselors will sooner or later drained deposits. At the same time, other advisers in the search for the Grail itself.

Free counselors

Often, Free advisors really drained deposits. Judge for yourself, who will lay free on the internet profitable system? Even if you find a profitable Expert Advisor, is still sufficiently high probability of losing money.

Advisor - this is just a tool, which need to be able to enjoy and understand it inherent in the trading strategy. Requires constant refining and adjusting to market volatility, and the program should be analyzed to identify its weaknesses. Do not forget, profitable trading strategy at any time may cease to be such. Today it is working, tomorrow - no.

You do decide to look for advisors on the Internet. What should I look for?

  1. ПWe emphasize again, until you get into the system, you should not expect from her lucrative trade, the more stable.
  2. Advisor to the best found in open code, it will enable him to understand the algorithm, and, if necessary, (and she really should be!) To refine the code, taking into account the specific broker, currency pair, or another parameter.
  3. First, find some free counselors in open source, review their work and try to refine the system taking into account the errors of primary sources. Start trading on cent real account, it is psychologically prepare you for the real behavior of the market.
  4. Analysis, modification and testing counselor a long and laborious process. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the output you receive the product, making a profit.
  5. Do not buy advisers, especially expensive! It is better to think about investing in a ready-made solutions (PAMM-accounts, asset management), it would be more cost-effective.

Advantages and disadvantages of Advisors

The benefits of automated trading systems include such features:

  • The possibility of testing the expert on historical quotes, which allows to analyze the strategy and determine its profitability.
  • The system operates 24 hours a day.
  • Speed and accuracy of decision making.
  • Lack of emotion and related making haste.
  • Uniform interpretation of charts and indicators indicators, the lack of human factors.
  • Compliance with trading discipline and money management.

Disadvantages of advisors:

  • The absence of original thinking and as a consequence, the implementation of the standard algorithm of action in critical situations.
  • Requires a stable and permanent access to the Internet, as well as always-on PC.
  • The analysis is limited to data that is programmed into the EA.
  • Creating a counselor requires a large time and cost.
  • Changes in the system creates its complete processing or reoptimization.

Unambiguous answer to the question of rationality can not use advisor. The best solution is to use a professional trader programmer. Such a person can create a councilor, to control his actions, make changes to the code and to optimize, monitor changes in the foreign exchange market.