History of Trade-Bowl

All stages of our development are embodied in forum MMGP but, as we have more than 30 pages of the forum, we decided to choose the most important moments and create the article.

Creation of automated trading system (ATS) was started in 2008 and for 10 June this year it completed installing the testing of the real account. The first strategy was based on a flat pattern on pairs EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. It is quite primitive and contained many errors. Showed relatively low levels of profitability, but at the expense of high risk could receive a huge percentage of profits. Traded in the DC forex4you, EXNEES, FXstart with small deposits in the $ 100-1000.

23.09.2010 For the first time, our trade has been displayed in public to attract investment.

17.10.2010 Permissible deviation from the price at the opening of a warrant, the first version of an adviser to five characters.

20.10.2010 Installation of new dedicated server for exchange.

22.10.2010 Registered first ECN account of MasterForex.

04.11.2010 First PAMM-account Fxopen (Standard).

22.11.2010 The project has gained the official name and a website. We are Trade-Bowl, you can find us at: http://trade-bowl.com/. Created a team of 3 persons.

24.01.2011With the increase of trade, it was decided to transfer the PAMM-account type of ECN.

08.02.2011 РProceedings with FXstart and ending cooperation with the broker.

19.02.2011 The old PAMM-account income was 100% with a maximum drawdown of 12%.

17.03.2011 Fixed the big drawdown in the PAMM ECN: 61,46% (against a background of deteriorating plant Fokusima).

19.03.2011 Redesigned distribution system risks (MM) has been reduced to 35-60 stops items restated load distribution on the currency pairs, new pairs of EURCAD, USDCAD on account Roboforex. Temporarily removed the pair of USDJPY, USDCHF at risk was reduced by 2 times.

08.04.2011 On the way out of Roboforex recorded drawdown of 17.03.2011.

10.05.2011 Significant reduction of the spread on the PAMM ECN account FxOpen.

14.05.2011 Our team came analyst, we have become four.

30.05.2011 Added a new kind of scalping on all accounts, the load on the converted currency pairs.

20.06.2011 PAMM ECN out of the slump - it took 3 months.

23.06.2011 Opened new branch in the discussion forum PAMM account MMGP.

30.07.2011 At Roboforex all accounts have been disabled due to worsening trading conditions.

01.08.2011 Introduced a new technology - mikroskalping.

01.09.2011 ОOpened and tested in the new PAMM fx-trend, open discussion thread on the forum MMGP.

22.10.2011 At PAMM ECN (fxopen) Managing capital increased from $ 5005 to $ 10,009.

12.12.2011 Added new PAMM-accounts myfxbook.

29.01.2012 Completed a complete upgrade of our website.

01.03.2012 The optimization of the system, some changes.

07.06.2012 Our PAMM Account Trade-Bowl (ECNp20) to get over the 500% return on the initial deposit

03.07.2012 Started the second PAMM account FxOpen Trade-Bowl (ECNp40). This account is 2-2.5 times more aggressive than the old - Trade-Bowl (ECNp20).

02.09.2012 On Trade-Bowl (ECNp40) dialed deposit required to get the discount on the commission and subsequent aktivirovatsiya reduced commission.

04.12.2012 PAMM Account Trade-Bowl (ECNp20) reached the mark in Gain: +1009.14%.

21.12.2012 Results of trade for the year 2012 on the Trade-Bowl (ECNp20).

08.01.2013 New feature: Investor offers its offer manager.

26.01.2013 FxOpen launched the ability to set the control agency fees to attract investors to the PAMM. Now, the agent will receive double reward.

20.02.2013 Work is underway to optimize for a new market.