Trade-Bowl - a team of Investor: professional managers, traders, computer programmers and analysts. Our trading strategy is based on different types of scalping.

The graph yields our PAMM-account FXOpen.

График доходности нашего ПАММ-счета на FXOpen

Features of our work:

  • We work with beginners, and is confident investors.
  • We have not used such risky trading strategies like Martingale or Averaging.
  • Distribution of profits may be up to 20% ratio by 80% in favor of the investor.
  • The effectiveness of our trade is confirmed by more than a year on real accounts.
  • Used automated trading system is often modified, becoming more resilient to ongoing changes in market FOREX.
  • Transparent mechanisms, the ability to monitor trading by investors.
  • Ability to work with us through a personal account with a broker whom you trust yourself.
  • The system is constantly under the supervision of our experts, if necessary, the adjustment.
  • Starting to invest with Trade-Bowl, you have to get up to 300% per annum at moderate risk and 1000% at high risk (PAMM-account FXOpen p40).

You can contact us and get answers to all your questions. We appreciate the funds entrusted to our customers and will be happy to consider all proposals on cooperation.