The choice of the offer and the connection to PAMM accounts FXOpen

In DC FXOpen represented two of the PAMM-account: conservative and aggressive. Conservative PAMM-account "Trade-Bowl (ECNp20)" is set to run at moderate risk, which in turn allows you to receive up to 200% profit per year. The second PAMM-account FXopen "Trade-Bowl(ECNp40)" is 2-2.5 times more aggressive than conservative. There are slight differences in trade due to higher commission (for detailed info please contact us). Options are selected for maximum impact. This PAMM suitable for investors who want to maximize profits and are ready for a relatively large drawdown (working drawdown 30%). The planned profits for the year is expected around 500%.

To connect to our PAMM-accounts must be a client of FXOpen and have money in the account type Standard or ECN. From My FXOpen area through the menu and click Accounts PAMM can get a list of PAMM-accounts are available for investment at a given DC.

Select a PAMM-account with the name of Trade-Bowl(ECNp20):319988(FxOpen) or Trade-Bowl(ECNp40):428738(FxOpen), and decide on one of 5 offers and join. Details the process of connecting to the PAMM-accounts taken on the site FXOpen.

In order to invest in the control should go to the page of one of our PAMM-account and click on "Invest!", Which is located above the graph.


If you are not logged into your account, you will be offered to do it, otherwise you will be taken directly to the page with the choice ofertyupravlyayuschego. A complete list of all possible offers presented in the table below the graph of return.

Currently available are the following offer:

  • Micro (60/0/0 - 0/60 - 1/1/0)
  • Revolution (40/0/0 - 0/5 - 100/10/0)
  • Serious (30/0/0 - 0/30 - 5000/1000/0)
  • Investor50 (25/0/0 - 0/10 - 50000/0/50000 - 5)
  • Investor100 (20/0/0 -0/10 - 100000/0/100000 - 5)

Once you have decided on the choice of investment terms, you need to click on "Join" opposite desired offer. In the next window, enter the amount of deposit, PIN code, which we asked you to write on check-in to check the "I agree ..." and click on "Apply".

If all goes well, your money will start working in the next periodic rollover date is specified as the "Due Date".

This completes entering of the PAMM-Account Trade-Bowl is finished and you only need to periodically monitor the balance sheet and profit.

Decipher the numbers in parentheses.

The first figure —Performance fee — investor's percentage of the profits, which will be transferred to the Manager in the allocation of profits in late trading interval.

The second figure — Management fee — the percentage of current balance of the Investor, which will be calculated daily and credited to the Manager. Remuneration of the Manager is given in percent per annum on a daily basis is debited to 260 times smaller.

The third figure — Minimum performance constraints — the percentage of income of the Investor, only in case of excess run in late trading interval will be listed on the Performance Fee income in excess of this percentage.

The fourth figure —Deposit comission — percentage of the input of the Investor, which will be transferred to the Manager in the performance of an application for deposit of funds.

The fifth figure — Early withdrawal penalty — percentage of the output of an investor who will be transferred to the Manager in the request for early withdrawal.

The sixth figure — Minimal investments — the minimum amount of initial input of funds in Investor's PAMM.

The seventh figure —Minimal refill— the minimum amount of funds to add to existing investor in the management of the Investor, where the balance of the Investor's Account.

The eighth figure — Minimal remaining balance— the smallest possible value of the fund balance in the account.

The nineth figure — Agent Commission — a percentage of the Performance Fee is to be the agent of the Investor listed the distribution of profits at the end of the Trading Interval.

Also an important parameter is Trading interval — period of time specified by the Manager to create the Manager's Offer, during which the PAMM-accounts perform any act aimed at making a profit and, at the end of which, calculated Performance Fee is.

After the opening of the Manager's Offer Trading interval can not be changed.

Transcription offers taken from the site FXOpen.