5 steps to return c this PAMM Trade-Bowl

In order to start investing in the PAMM Trade-Bowl and profit to overcome the 5 simple steps, such as:

  1. Registration in FXOpen
  2. Verification in FXOpen
  3. account replenishment
  4. Acceptance of the Offer Trade-Bowl
  5. Profit!!!

Registration in FXOpen

To register for the brokerage company FXOpen must go to link and the top menu bar, select the "Create an Account".

Which opens the page with the choice of open accounts, we need to click the "Open an individual account.

Open an individual account

In the next stage of registration submitted a form in which to enter your personal data.

Please note that the form fields to be filled in Latin letters! Do not use symbols: ! " № ; % : ? * ( ) + | \ ’ > > [ ], а так же точки.

Features of filling the fields

After completing the form, make sure the correct information and click , the left below the form. In case of incorrect filling in the form at the bottom of a window with a list of errors.

Window with a list of errors

After fixing press again.

The next form, which are to be filled, contains a list of issues related to"Trading experience". On all issues can choose "No", but as to complete this form on your own.

Trading experience

Последняя форма, которую предстоит заполнить, это информация о финансовой составляющей Вашей жизни.

The financial component

After completion of the third form again push button cherished and get to the page to verify all previously entered information.

verification of a previous information

If an error occurs safely click on the "Edit personal information". It should be noted that for each of the clusters has its own edit button.

If no errors are found, or they have been fixed, it should take a little test for humanity, entering captcha. In addition, at this time you will not need a merchant account so Uncheck "Open an Account". In exchange, she put a check next to "Yes, I agree". It all looks like this:

Validate the CAPTCHA

After clicking , to congratulate you upon successful registration and submit all the details to the account. Be sure to write down your PIN-code, it will be shown only once.

sure to write down all the information, especially the PIN code!!!

Final registration

All other details will send to you by e-mail address you provided during registration.

Requisites for e-mail

Thus, the most difficult stage of registration is completed!


The next stage for the prolonged time, but not time-consuming for the investor. As you already can see, answering numerous questions from the first phase, the company FXOpen quite serious about their work and proof of identity is mandatory for all, whether it is an investor or trader. To undergo this procedure to perform a number of actions are not difficult to download a scan documents proving your identity and your address (for the inhabitants of the CIS countries are not.)

When you log into your personal account in the left menu at the top will show the number of your eWallet-purse, and under it the status of "not verified".

status of eWallet

To go to the download page of the documents need to click on the "Check Account" next to the purse eWallet. And show the following options:

personal documents

An important point: if you are a citizen of any country of the CIS, you only need to download a scan of the passport. If not, then download another proof of your address.

personal documents

personal documents

personal documents

In the "Document Type" select "Identity documents". In the "Name:" select the type of document you are about to download, such as "Passport" or the "driver's license". After that, you need to click on "Choose File" and open a window with a standard file selection.

After this is complete, click on .

After downloading the documents will show the following screen with the status "Pending":

screen with the status "Pending"

If you confirm the address is not necessary, the procedure is finished downloading documents, we can only wait for the verdict of a company employee.

Basically checking documents lasts up to 48 hours. However, due to the increased number of requests for passing verification process may take 3-5 working days.

Warning: You can call the cell phone company employee to confirm your identity.

After a few days, if all the documents in order, the document status changes to "Approved".

screen with the status "Approved"

And your eWallet will be available for replenishment. If your documents have been rejected (status - "Rejected"), the reason will be explained in the comments.

Go to the next stage "Account replenishment".