Requirements for personal accounts

The main requirements for a personal account are:

  • Minimum deposit for personal account $ 20,000.
  • Suitable and tested dealing centers (DC): FxOpen (ECN), NORD FX (MT-ECN), Fx-trend (ECN), Roboforex (ECN), Masterforex (ECN).

The requirement for dealing centers:

  • low spreads,
  • execution of orders to purchase orders should not take more than 1 second,
  • scalping is allowed,
  • 1:100 leverage, and more.

The benefits of personal accounts:

  1. Match the settings directly to your requirements.
  2. You can register through the service Leprikon or Fxcash and get a refund in the amount of the spread of 5-20% of the profits.
  3. Choice of DC.
  4. Monitoring is a personal account through the terminal in real time.
  5. For service to the "Personal Account" shall be charged an additional 5% of the profits.

Calculation of risk

Risk ratio of the values ​​of the deposit / lot is discussed individually. Maximum risk yields an average of 30% of the deposit in a month. The probability of complete loss of deposit under these conditions is only once a year.

Our recommended value of 10% is the average risk, in which the tester to the 10-year history of the place without draining the deposit.

Conservative trade is characterized by a minimum value of the risk of 15% and below.

Distribution of profit for personal accounts.

The scheme of profit sharing for personal accounts is presented below:

Invested an amount of $ Profits in% investorProfits in% trader
20 000 – and more6535

At the end of each month you send us a portion of the profit-approved. The calculation is performed before each 1st of the month the transfer of funds to Z purse WebMoney.

The investor has the right to replenish the deposit to any bag at any time. To withdraw funds (in whole or in part) the investor must notify the trader is not less than 2 days. In the case of complete withdrawal, to settle with the trader.

All risks associated with trading the investor assumes and agrees with the possible loss of funds invested.

Brought because of interference in the investor's trading losses are treated as negative from the original fee. Such actions may cause rejection of further cooperation.